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Scottish Ensemble: Baroque: Take Two

Ahead of Baroque: Take Two, Scottish Ensemble explore how the Baroque era changed our experience of classical music, and how we might use it to shake up our concert experience today.

What is it about Russian Orchestras?

What is so special about a Russian orchestra performing Russian works? James Waters, creative director for classical music for Perth Concert Hall explains all.

Vision String Quartet

With their film star looks, informal dress and relaxed vibe, The Vision String Quartet is shaking up the established view of string quartets and James Waters, Perth Concert Hall’s creative director for classical music, loves it!


Carmen... the opera that has the lot!

Carmen … the opera that has the lot!

Beethoven Violin Concerto

A remarkable musical experience.


Mozart and Brahms

Mozart Clarinet Quintet and Brahms Clarinet Quintet

Peter Donohoe Mozart Cycle

Peter Donohoe to play a Scottish exclusive complete cycle of Mozart Piano Sonatas on Sunday 30 September, 2 December and 3 March.

Bach’s Musical Offering

The Musical Offering is one of those pieces that has a very famous name but very few people have actually heard the music.