Preparing for rehearsals: research, questions, and more questions!

Preparing for Miss Julie rehearsals beginning on 14  January has made for an interesting winter for me. The play touches on so many fascinating and complicated social and historical aspects that it’s easy to get caught up in a web of your own research, fortunately I love this process!

Back in May last year when I applied for the job and had to pitch my version of the show I knew why I wanted to stage it on a gut level. I had read the original Strindberg version of Miss Julie a long time ago, but Zinnie Harris’ version reset to mid 1920s Scotland instantly leapt off the page at me as incredibly recognisable. Here were three characters living and working in close proximity to each other, all beholden to the same wealthy man but each with their own different kinds of privilege. I found myself straining with hope that they could meet across their differences and instead found the fascinating moments of hope, desire and cruelty which the play is full of.

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