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The Monday Night Thing presents

An original member of Fife’s famous Fence collective, James Yorkston emerged as a solo artist in 2001 and has since released 8 acclaimed solo albums, two books and most recently two rapturously reviewed albums as one third of Yorkston Thorne Khan.

His new album, The Route to the Harmonium will be released in February and is his first solo record since 2014’s Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society (CRAWS). Recorded at his home studio in Cellardyke, The Route to the Harmonium (or, 'the search for peace') is intensely personal; it’s the sound of home, of undisturbed craftmanship. Listen closely and you can imagine him putting it together. Overlaying vocal and guitar tracks, adding further with dulcitones, harmoniums and autoharps, with nyckelharpa, the distinctive Swedish stringed instrument given to him by a friend. And friends and family, past and present swim all over his songs. Remembering them, and those you’ve shared life with, those who leave and those who remain, is the strongest thread running through these affecting, extraordinary songs. This is Yorkston’s world and could be nowhere else in music.

plus special guests

£16.50; concessions £14.50 (inc £1.50 booking fee per ticket)

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