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Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells remains one of the best-loved and most widely-heard British albums of all time, selling an estimated 15 million copies worldwide!

Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells – Live In Concert is a global celebration for the 50th anniversary of Tubular Bells, based on entirely new arrangements of the work by Mike Oldfield’s long-time musical director and collaborator Robin Smith. An award-winning conductor and composer, Robin's diverse collaborations include arranging and conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on three best-selling Elvis Presley albums, contributing to Kanye West’s orchestral project, and arranging for everyone from Elaine Paige to 2Cellos.

Robin’s long relationship with Tubular Bells, stretching back to the live performances of Tubular Bells II at Edinburgh Castle 30 years ago (which Robin conducted) make him the perfect person to reconsider Tubular Bells as it reaches its 50th anniversary.

The Tubular Bells Celebration Band also features Jay Stapley (another 30+-year Mike Oldfield veteran) on lead guitar, alongside 9 of the finest interpreters of Mike Oldfield’s music alive today, combining in a thrilling tribute to one of the most important British albums ever. Never designed to be a period piece, Tubular Bells has been continually updated through its life-cycle and this is but the latest iteration in its journey – a bold new take on Tubular Bells, creating something at once new, unforgettable, and timeless.

A bold and progressive fusion, Tubular Bells is a journey through classical, jazz, folk, prog rock and electronica. The ground-breaking album will be performed in full, as well as other Oldfield favourites such as Summit Day and Moonlight Shadow.

“Poetry in motion” The Times

£59.50; £49.50; £39.50; £32.50; £24.50 (inc £3.50 booking fee)

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Wed 8 Mar 2023: 7:30pm
Perth Concert Hall