We seek to tell great stories which are locally and universally relevant.  

Sometimes those stories are specific to our local area and developed in collaboration with our local community. 

In the past four years we have commissioned and produced the work of Scottish and Scottish-based writers Kieran Hurley, David Harrower, Morna Young, Zinnie Harris, Rona Munro, Oliver Emanuel, James Ley, Sarah MacGilvery, Ros Sydney, Rob Drummond, Martin McCormick, Anita Vettesse and Gabriel Quigley.  

We support the work of many more writers through development and presentation. Where we can, we will support the exploration and showcasing of new work.  

If you are a local professional writer raised or currently living within Perthshire, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch, and we’ll have a chat.   

Reading Your Work

Perth Theatre and Concert Hall is invested in new writing, but our capacity as a team is limited, which is why we’ve started a dedicated script development programme. 

If you’d like to send us a script, please send us information about you as a writer – where you are based, details on any previous work and what stage you are at with your script. We will read scripts and aim to give constructive feedback but cannot promise any further development unless we feel we can genuinely engage in the possibility of a future relationship with that work or you as a writer. We will prioritise Scotland based writers. We will endeavour to always acknowledge receipt of your enquiry. We are unable to provide feedback on synopsis or anything other than full length scripts. 

Please contact Matthew through