Perth Theatre is issuing an open casting call for its upcoming production of Aladdin.

Writer & Director: Barrie Hunter

Designer: Becky Minto

Musical Director: Alan Penman

Choreographer/AD: Chris Stuart Wilson

Lighting Designer: Emma Jones

Key Dates:

Rehearsals commence at Perth Theatre: Mon 13 Nov 2023

Previews at Perth Theatre: Fri 1 Dec

Opening/Press Night: Sat 2 Dec

Run concludes at Perth Theatre: Sun 31 Dec

Casting Information

Trained/experienced professional adult actors, including recent acting graduates, are invited to submit their Spotlight link or bio to be considered for audition for roles in the show.

The Show

If you dare to venture through the famous Pass of Killiekrankie,

You may come across a widow who goes by the name McTwankie.

She’s the mother of Aladdin, who’s the brother of wee Hank E,

And their late, lamented father was the country singer, Frankie!


But their mobile laundry business is now going doon the stankie,

Thanks to Abigail McKrankie they’re all weeping in their hankies!

She’s cancelled all their contracts (which is just, quite frankly, skanky),

And her morals would appear to be right mockit, mean and manky!


Her plans to “get rich quick” involve young Aladdin McTwankie,

And if he finds the cave, she’ll soon be uber-rich and swanky,

She’s already claimed the title The Countess of Killiekrankie,

And soon she’ll be pure laughing all the way to the local bankie!


UNLESS… we stop her before she gets the chance! Join Aladdin and

his family as they get in a spin trying to keep the laundry going under

very trying circumstances and meet some others along the way.

Who is this young woman who’s arrived in the village, looking for her

back story? Is that the sound of chainsaws in the forest? Are those

really giant red squirrels coming out of the trees? And who on earth is



With your help, the answers will come out in the wash at this year’s

Perth Theatre panto!

The Roles

ALADDIN. (Male/male identifying, 20's/early 30's, youthful, energetic, strong singing voice and good movement skills).

Aladdin works for his mum's mobile laundry service (which is currently experiencing a worrying downturn in business), but his heart isn't really in it. He needs a new direction in life (he's a keen potholer, but that's not going to earn him a it?), and needs some inspiration...a new challenge, a cause to work towards, but what? His brother Hank aspires to be a musician, but that's not a real job either (teehee), so what's it going to be? He's funny, slightly grumpy at times, impetuous, and has a tendency to be a little self-absorbed on occasion-not out of badness, but because he's quite easily distracted and therefore easy to manipulate. He just needs the right target to aim for, so here's hoping he finds it!

HEATHER. (Female/female identifying, 20's/early 30's, positive, determined, extremely likeable, strong singing voice and good movement skills-playing a musical instrument would be great too!)

Heather has arrived in the village after following clues and her instinct, as she's determined to find her back story, and believes it originates here in the village. She was smuggled out of the village (she thinks) as an infant for her own protection, as her mother was falsely accused of witchcraft and general bad stuff, and poor Heather hasn't seen or heard of her ever since. Her circumstances have changed recently, which has triggered her quest to seek answers, and who knows, maybe be reunited with her mother-only time will tell. Heather is a force for good, positive and funny, with an infectious sense of humour, but also an unflinching sense of justice. She gets on with everyone, and has a special affinity with Aladdin's musician brother, Hank.

JEANNIE. (Female/female identifying, late 30's to late 50's, funny, quirky, eccentric, strong singing voice and good movement skills)

Jeannie is a surprise arrival, (well, not that much of a surprise if you know the Aladdin story, but Aladdin certainly is surprised when she appears!), and is very grateful to be released from her rather cramped quarters of the last couple of decades. She has little or no memory of how she ended up in her confined accommodation (conveniently!), but now that she's out she wants to make the very most of it. As a result she is more than willing to do anything you wish (within certain parameters-T's & C's apply!). She just wishes she could remember her back story though-maybe something or someone will come along and jog her's hoping! Jeannie is a force of nature, larger than life character, who is funny, warm, but can change in a moment too..maybe even a bit scary on occasion. She's a bit magicky too, which excites her as much as the rest of them.

ENSEMBLE. We will also be looking for at least 2 Ensemble members, who will be understudy cover to these characters, and others in the cast. They will also have a role (or more) onstage (villagers, baddie's henchfolk etc), and these roles will be filled by actors auditioning for the above roles.

Perth Theatre and Concert Hall is working to ensure our organisation is fully representative of the communities we engage with locally and nationally. Submissions are encouraged from people of all backgrounds, ethnicity, geographical location, physical or mental ability, religion and sexual orientation.

All contracting will be managed by Perth Theatre.

Submissions should be sent to: with the subject heading Aladdin Casting Submission 2023.

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 31 May at 17:00.

Shortlist: Monday 5 June

Auditions will take place in Perth on Monday 12 June 2023