Perth Theatre is issuing an open casting call for its upcoming production of Mother Goose.

Writer & Director: Barrie Hunter

Designer: Becky Minto

Musical Director: Alan Penman

Associate Director: Chris Stuart Wilson

Lighting Designer: Emma Jones

Key Dates:

Rehearsals commence at Perth Theatre: Monday 11 November 2024

Previews at Perth Theatre: Friday 29 November

Opening/Press Night: Saturday 30 November

Run concludes at Perth Theatre: Tuesday 31 December

Casting Information

Trained/experienced professional adult actors, including recent acting graduates, are invited to submit their Spotlight link or bio to be considered for audition for roles in the show.

The Show

It's "Mother" Gabi Goose's final day as manager of McGregory's Eggery (Earthshire's Most EGGxcellent Eggs!), and she's looking forward to retiring after many happy years' loyal service. But hold on - who's this that's just turned up? It's Greta Garbage, the new owner, and she's got some rather worrying plans for the business. No more free ranging Geese - she's caging them all, and if you're not careful, she'll cage you too!

Gabi can wave goodbye to her pension and her lovely wee cottage - Greta's got her beady, greedy eye on that too. So Gabi and Grayson (her bird-daft, Springwatch obsessed son!) are on the road, homeless, jobless, with only a rather gassy Goose for company - Gloria, who's never laid an egg in her life (but may have a few surprises in store - who knows?)

Is Greta as evil as she appears? Can her daughter Gaia make her see sense? Has anyone seen kindly Mr McGregory? He appears to have vanished into thin air! And what's that up there, flying in formation? Could it be... Wild Geese, on a mission? All these, and other questions will be answered in this year's festive EGGstravaganza at Perth Theatre, so come along and have a gander at Mother Goose!

The Roles

GREGORY McGREGORY. (Male/male identifying, Late 30's/mid/late 50’s)

Kindly, affable owner of the local Egg Farm, he always has the health and welfare of others (human and Goose!) at heart. A fine fellow, who's trust is perhaps too easily bought. He's decided to sell the Farm and take early retirement, with disastrous consequences. As a result, he slightly loses his grip on reality, and becomes - for a while at least - close, personal friends with ….a pie!!

We're looking for an actor with warmth and humour, and with good comedy chops, who can sing too. (His singing will be mostly with other members of the company, but there may be the odd solo line or two, too)

GAIA GARBAGE. (Female/female identifying, 20's/early 30's)

A practical, positive person with a background in science - she's the daughter of the evil Greta Garbage, but don't hold that against her! She's here under false pretences, and will do everything in her power to right her mother's (many!) wrongs. A force for good, who sees the good in everything and everyone, but she's no soft touch - she has a steely resolve, thankfully! 

We're looking for an actor who can bring all the above traits to the role, and who has strong singing and movement/dance skills too.

ENSEMBLE. We will also be looking for at least 2 Ensemble members, one male/male identifying and one female/female identifying, who will play a couple of minor roles in Mother Goose, and who will also be understudy cover for the principal roles. They do not need to fall into the suggested age categories above, as the understudy cover age range is wider than that for both Ensemble members.

Perth Theatre and Concert Hall is working to ensure our organisation is fully representative of the communities we engage with locally and nationally. Submissions are encouraged from people of all backgrounds, ethnicity, geographical location, physical or mental ability, religion and sexual orientation.

All contracting will be managed by Perth Theatre.

Submissions should be sent to: with the subject heading Mother Goose Casting Submission 2024.

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 29 May at 17:00.

Shortlist: w/c Monday 3 June

Auditions will take place in Perth on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 June 2024

Posted on Wednesday 22 May 2024