Barrie Hunter – “one of the great Scottish pantomime dames” (The Times) and his pals are back in Perth Theatre for this year’s family festive treat Aladdin!

The fresh spin on the tale is written and directed by Barrie Hunter, who also stars as Widow Margarita McTwankie. Tiger Mitchell is Aladdin, Helen Logan plays Abigail McKrankie, Ewan Somers is Hank E McTwankie, Rachel Flynn is Heather Moore and Kirsty Malone is Jeannie McSwankie. They are joined by Lewis Kerr and Ava Hickey and an all-singing, all-dancing cast chosen from the local community.

Aladdin and Hank E’s mammy Margarita McTwankie (Barrie Hunter) is getting in a lather trying to keep her mobile laundry business from folding after Abigail McKrankie, The Countess of Killiekrankie hung them all out to dry. And, if McKrankie has her evil way, she’ll involve Aladdin in her ‘get rich quick’ plans to find the cave of pleasures, treasures and immeasurable measures.

Announcing the cast, Barrie Hunter said:

“We're delighted to announce our cast for this year's Perth Theatre panto, Aladdin! Yours truly will be playing the effervescent Widow Margarita McTwankie, the owner of the local mobile laundrette. Her work-shy son, Aladdin McTwankie, will be played by the splendid Tiger Mitchell, who you may remember from last year's Jack and the Beanstalk. His brother, music-loving Hank E McTwankie, will be played by another much loved and familiar face on the Perth panto stage, the wondrous Ewan Somers! Talking of familiar faces, our evil local landowner, Abi McKrankie (the Countess of Killiekrankie), will be brought to life by the best baddie in the business, Helen Logan (BOOO!!!!). Thankfully a force for good will be arriving in the village too - estranged former villager Heather Moore, played by the brilliant Rachel Flynn - she's more than a match for that evil baddie! The magical Kirsty Malone will be unleashed upon the Perth Theatre stage as the quirky, eccentric and hilarious Genie....Jeannie!! Completing our cast are Ava Hickey (who was our friendly ghostly guide in the 2020 online Perth Panto Oh Yes We Are!) and Lewis Kerr, who will both be delighting us in a variety of roles in our all singing, all dancing Perth Theatre panto. We can't wait to share our story with everyone!”

Join Aladdin and his family as they get in a spin trying to keep the laundry above water under very trying circumstances and meet some others along the way. Who is this young woman who's arrived in the village, looking for her back story? Is that the sound of chainsaws in the forest? Are those really giant red squirrels coming out of the trees? And who on earth is Jeannie?

Hopefully the answers will come out in the wash at this year’s Perth Theatre panto!

Aladdin runs in Perth Theatre from Friday 1 until Sunday 31 December. For tickets and info click here, call the Perth Theatre Box office on 01738 621031 or visit in person (Monday to Saturday 10:00 – 16:00).

Monday 9 October 2023