Audrey Borthwick Key Details:
Name: Audrey Borthwick
Role: Head of Finance and HR
Contact Details:

Audrey graduated with a degree in accounting from the University of Dundee, and two years after training and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Henderson Loggie, she enrolled in the PGCE course at Edinburgh University to become a primary teacher. Subsequently she worked for several years as a part-time teacher as well as an accountant in the largest Scottish University Student Association gaining specialist knowledge in partial exemption VAT. 


Audrey worked for PTCH throughout 2020 on a project basis, before joining the organisation as Finance Manager in April 2021. Audrey enjoys blending her two careers by teaching financial skills to non-accountants and developing the knowledge within the finance team. She continues to enjoy the challenges and opportunities brought by VAT and theatre tax relief but particularly loves the satisfaction from bringing order and sense to numbers on a spreadsheet.