The Gordon Duncan Experience band plays and creates music rooted in Scottish traditions with influences from jazz, rock, pop and classical.

All school-aged instrumentalists of the equivalent of Grade 3 and above are invited to audition to perform in our Perth-based, Celtic style big-band, the Gordon Duncan Experience. 

We aim to break down stylistic barriers in music and nurture musicians who will be skilled, versatile and sensitive listeners. To master your instrument is to truly immerse yourself in all that music has to offer and being able to learn music by ear is a vital part of that. We will learn melody, rhythm, accompaniment, chords, theory - all the skills you need in order to be a good musician.

Highland Bagpipes - As the name of our band suggests, the pipes play an important role in our work and performances. Due to the time constraints of these sessions, those who play Highland bagpipes are asked to bring either chanters (as close to A as is possible) or whistles, that will allow them to take part in the workshop at concert pitch. If you have A-pipes like small pipes or border pipes then you are welcome to bring them.

Transposing Instruments - A fair bit of the session will be working by ear and so a decent knowledge of how to translate instructions from concert pitch would be recommended.

Electric Instruments - we really want this band to rock and hope that players of all genres will join us. If you play electric guitar or bass, we ask that you bring a small amp, jack-to-jack cable and extension lead.

Percussionists/Drummers - please bring any easily transportable percussion instruments such as cajon, djembe, bodhran plus any hand percussion instruments you have. If you have easily transported tuned percussion instruments, please bring them as well! If you intend on bringing a drum-kit, you must let us know in advance so multiples don’t arrive!


Please RSVP to to register your interest.

The Royal National Mòd Project

The Gordon Duncan Experience Band will be performing as part of Ar Cànan 's Ar Ceòl - a celebration of Gaelic and Music in Perthshire for the Royal National Mòd festival, held at Perth Concert Hall on Saturday 15 October 2022.


In the run up to the Mòd...


The band will meet weekly between 10am and 3pm on 6 Saturdays between August and October:

- 27 August

- 3 September

- 10 September

- 24 September

- 1 October

- 8 October

This block of rehearsals will culminate in a short performance and collaboration as part of Ar Cànan's Ar Ceòl - a celebration of Gaelic and Music in Perthshire for the Royal National Mòd festival, held at Perth Concert Hall on Saturday 15 October 2022.

We will also be collaborating in a final 'stramash' alongside stellar, well known musicians, Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton, Margaret Bennett, Patsy Reid, Mhairi Hall and Jenn Butterworth, as well as local musical groups including The Tayside Young Fiddlers, Perth Gaelic Choir and others yet to be confirmed.

About the Gordon Duncan Experience

Want to know more about the Gordon Duncan Experience? Watch this video on the 2021 project for a sense of the fun and commitment that goes into our young players and the band!

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