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Written and directed by Barrie Hunter
Design by Becky Minto
Music by Alan Penman

Experience the joy of panto with Perth Theatre’s unique LIVE interactive online broadcast via video platform Zoom. You can still be a part of the action, you can boo the baddie, cheer the hero, banter with the dame and have the same singalong, laugh along panto fun you love with your families, but from the comfort of your sofa! Why not get a group together in your different households or with family across the world and all attend at the same time?

Like the old song says, There Is Nothing Like A Dame,
But our Dame has only one thought-that there's nothing quite like HAME!
Since the world went weird and scary, she's become a tad erratic,
And is cooried in her Hidey-Hole and won't come out the attic!

Her son is at his wit's end, his head is in a spin,
He's lost the plot, his patience-now he's even lost his twin!
So he's off to search for brother, bring him home and save the day,
Or, most likely, take the wrong turn and be easily led astray.

And who's this in the darkness, boldly searching for the light?
It's our Hero on a mission, and she wants to wrong a right..
But there's evil lurking just below, underneath the earth,
Banished there for crimes committed down the years in Perth!

So come with us on a journey through the darkness of the night
On a quest to find some joy, some hope, and maybe love and light,
We'll walk the paths together, where there once was mirth and laughter,
And perhaps, by working as a team, we'll live happily ever after!!"
Oh Yes We Are! – A Quest for Long Lost Light and Laughter.

Approx running time: 90mins

£16 per device* (inc £1.50 booking fee per device)

*If you are watching the performance through multiple devices either in one location or across other households please purchase extra tickets.

Schools performances available with special schools price:
Tuesday 15 December: 10.30am
Thursday 17 December: 10.30am
Tuesday 22 December: 10.30am
Wednesday 23 December: 9.45am

Contact Ticketing Services if you’re purchasing for multiple devices or require further information about schools performances.

How it Works
The show takes place in the Zoom videoconferencing app, which you should install and test at least an hour before the show. Or why not install it now and test it with family or friends? Download Zoom

If you already have Zoom installed please check that it’s up to date. Check for updates

For the best experience of the show use a laptop or desktop computer, and make sure the sound is on. Tablets* or phones with the Zoom app can be used but the bigger the screen, the better the experience.

*We have been alerted to a bug in the Zoom app for iPads which will affect the viewing of our pantomime.

If you were planning on using an iPad to watch the show or to mirror the show onto your television, we ask that if possible you use an alternative device: we recommend viewing on a desktop or laptop computer for the best experience.

If the iPad is the only method you have to be able to watch the show, please email so we can chat through the options with you.

If you're unable to install Zoom you can join the show in a web browser. Please use Mozilla Firefox as we have been alerted to a bug affecting the Chrome and Edge browsers which will affect the viewing of our pantomime.

If you were planning on using Chrome or Edge to watch the show or to mirror the show onto your television, we ask that you use Firefox which you can download for free here.

One week before your show we’ll send you a reminder email about getting set up.

On the day of the performance you will be sent an email with a Zoom link 30 minutes before the show starts. Click on this link a little while before the show starts.

During the show
If you’re happy to keep your camera on, then the cast can see you - and you can participate in the show (oh yes you can!) but if you’d prefer to turn it off that’s just fine. From time to time we’ll ask you to unmute your mic so you can sing along, boo the baddie and let the cast know if anything is behind them. You can join in if you like or just keep silent if you’d rather not.

While nothing's quite like being in the theatre in person, on Zoom with your camera on you can experience the next best thing, interacting with the cast, applauding (we hope) and waving at your fellow audience members. You might even be able to spot other people you know in the audience! It's quite alright to turn your camera off, but with it on you'll feel more involved, more a part of the audience, our audience - and in either case we look forward to welcoming you to the show.

For frequently asked questions on what you need to know when booking a digital performance, please go to our FAQ Page.

Accessible Performances

Captioned performances will take place on Wed 23 Dec: 8pm and Thu 24 Dec: 2pm

Every performance of Oh Yes We Are! can become a relaxed performance as we have created a free visual story. The visual story uses images to guide the audience through what to expect from the performance and to prepare for the sights and sounds of the experience. Our visual story is designed to help customers with additional support needs and those on the autistic spectrum. Download visual story here.

Panto Programme
Download your FREE programme here

Panto Shout Outs!
Due to an unprecedented amount of messages we unfortunately cannot accept any more shout outs. If you have friends or family attending the same performance as you, you can always write your message in the chat within Zoom during the 'shout out' segment of the performance.

Production Photography: Fraser Band

Other Info
Thu 24 Dec 2020: 17:00

Christina Gordon

Ava Hickey

Barrie Hunter

Helen Logan

Ewan Somers