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The Man in the Submarine
[Y Dyn yn y Llong Danfor]

Nestled in the valleys of a rural Welsh village there lies a submarine. Incongruous, rusted, and (somehow) rapidly filling with water. The radio doesn’t work, the staff are very over familiar, and nobody is quite sure why the sandwiches aren’t soggy but a steady drip, drip, drip is threatening to drown the residents.

Amongst the wreckage, a daughter and her father find themselves in a delicate bubble together. Claire does everything expected of her. She brings the bourbons, changes socks and tries desperately to forgive William for something he does not remember.

St Andrews Playwriting Award Winner Laila Noble’s dark comedy is an expedition into love, loss and missing biscuits. A touching deep dive into the surreal experiences of dementia.

Pay What You Decide £10 - £15

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Fri 10 Feb 2023: 19:30
Perth Theatre
Sat 11 Feb 2023: 19:30
Perth Theatre