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Play it again, Sam
Theatre Talk: Casablanca: The Gin Joint Cut

Casablanca: The most well-known of lost love stories with memorable lines and a famous song. But is there more to the events behind it and the actors who took part?

Joyce’s Caplan’s involvement with theatre began as a student when she ran the book stall in the newly opened Nottingham Playhouse. At university she acted (badly) in Brecht and Shakespeare but was of course hooked on the magical transformation theatre creates for both actors and audience. She is now Chair of the Scottish Arts Club Theatre Awards who visit every play in the Fringe that has a Scottish connection. Joyce is also a teaching fellow at Edinburgh University in Scottish Literature. Along with Gail Wylie, Joyce helped launch the Perth Theatre Season Subscription Theatre Talks in early 2023.

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Thu 21 Mar 2024: 18:00
Perth Theatre